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Raymond 2018Dr. Raymond Nourmand is a West LA Psychologist (PSY 26470) and Psychology Lecturer at American Jewish University in Los Angeles, specializing in treating children, teenagers, and adults with a wide range of mental health issues.

Dr. Nourmand understands mental health concerns can be complicated phenomena that sometimes leave people in painful, unbearable, and heart-wrenching positions – both for those suffering firsthand as well as their loved ones. He believes people with mental health concerns are very kind, caring, and sensitive. While some of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors might seem puzzling, confusing, and irrational, the truth is they are not “being” this way because they are bad people, but rather because they are in pain and having difficulty dealing with their discomfort.

He works with clients and their loved ones in a highly concentrated manner – where he focuses on identifying the root causes of their struggles, giving them clarity and insight, and empowering them to take the steps to live their best lives. He utilizes a gentle and direct approach in an emotionally sensitive and safe environment to support clients in their pursuit of happy, fulfilling lives.

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